Blueberry Hill - loopbaanbegeleiding, coaching, training, workshops


Career guidance, Job coaching, Life coaching, ADHD Coaching, Training & Workshops, Study choice guidance, Private mediation.

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Blueberry Hill - coaching, training, workshops


Executive coaching, Outplacement, Team coaching & Building, Communication & Leadership training, Stress, Performance & Change management, Corporate mediation.

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Blueberry Hill - Change your perspective


Read all about who we are, what motivates us and why we can help you on your way with coaching, training and mediation, privately or within the company.

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For all your training, coaching, career guidance and mediation: it’s Blueberry Time!

Blueberry Hill bird We provide the superfood: the BlueBerries!

Whether it’s training, coaching, career guidance or mediation, at Blueberry Hill we help you create a different perspective, a new chapter, fresh energy! Being more aware of yourself is just like learning how to read.  Once you started, you can’t go back. You don’t want to  either, because you have so many new perspectives and options. We provide the BlueBerries, the superfood that inspires you and brings you to your full potential.  We make sure you can get on that hill, to your top! Just like a bird can fully enjoy a beautiful view and sings from the top of its chest!


Blueberry Hill bird Change your perspective

Do you know the feeling that you suddenly look at things differently?   Everything suddenly looks very different. You look from a different angle.  Just as you take a picture from a different angle and that room suddenly looks much larger. You see it clear again.  You take it up with fresh courage.

Or do you remember the different views on your last walk?  Views that look different behind every corner. Often it’s not the facts that count, but the way you look at them.
It’s a matter of perspective. How do you look at things?


Blueberry Hill bird Above the clouds on BlueBerry Hill

Think of it as a short trip.  Take a break from your daily patterns.  That feeling you get when you’re flying just above the clouds. A completely different view. Different perspective.  Just like you have on a hill or a mountain. Behind every corner it looks different. Surprising sometimes. Refreshing.


Blueberry Hill bird The starting point …. is YOU!

So you can look at yourself differently.  It’s not so much that things change, strangely enough! It’s the way you look at it.   You become more aware of a number of things. You can grasp them and participate in them, because suddenly it becomes clearer.

As a starting point, we start from your potential.  This means that we map out your motives, knowledge, convictions, values, talents together in order to find solutions to your question from there.


Blueberry Hill bird What does it bring you?

  • You see more options and dare to make choices and you feel stronger in yourself again, you have more self-confidence.
  • In addition, you learn to steer yourself better and to deal with your own self better.  You see how your way of thinking, your way of acting and feeling is largely created by yourself.
  • You look at yourself and the others differently and are less annoyed because you see the intentions behind the behaviour better.
  • Your own quality of life also improves and you are less troubled by anger, disappointments or doubts.
  • Certain choices or decisions now become clear.  Because you understand your own functioning better, you don’t allow yourself to be caught by habits and conditioning so easily.  You get more choices in your actions. You can deal with yourself in a more creative and free way and let your autopilot catch you less.


Blueberry Hill bird In short: it’s BlueBerry Time!

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