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Not satisfied with your job? Then career coaching tailored to your needs with or without a VDAB career cheque might be something for you. Blueberry Hill is a dedicated team of experienced, professional and certified coaches who are committed to a personal approach. Read more about who we are, where to find us and how we distinguish ourselves from other career coaches.  You can also come here with tips on how to choose your career coach for your customised career guidance.  Finally, you can also find more information about the VDAB’s career cheque, how to order it and the most frequently asked questions.

Blueberry Hill bird Not satisfied with your job?

Do you know that feeling of bad sleep and already a brick in the stomach on Sunday?  From worrying in bed and waking up too early…  Difficult to concentrate, difficult relationship with your boss or colleagues. In short: high time for action because you feel you can’t go on like this. Then it’s time for a large portion of BlueBerries!

Blueberry Hill bird Curious about alternative job opportunities?

You’re not sure if you’re just curious about what else you could do!  You feel that you have more to offer and you’re a bit stuck at the moment.  You also want to know more about your options and what you could do in today’s job market.  Then, together with an experienced BlueBerry Hill coach, you can quickly and efficiently get to work on these kinds of career questions. We look at who you are, what you want, what you can do.  

Contact us now and you will receive a phone call within 12 hours to arrange an appointment without any obligation.  This way you will immediately feel whether your career coach is right for you and our approach is right for you.  You don’t need anything for this, the introduction is free of charge and without obligation.

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More about career coach Iris

Locations: Schiplaken (Boortmeerbeek) and Waarloos

Iris Heijlen

  • Iris is a certified coach (PCC level – ICF) and started her career as a Recruiter at a headhunting agency. She then worked as head of the recruitment team at Belgacom and Coca-Cola (Benelux). Iris knows the recruitment process through and through, she knows how a recruiter reads your CV, interviews you and prepares you completely,
  • She guarantees maximum confidentiality and boosts your energy and enthusiasm. With an open mind, she will work creatively on your question. Her broad knowledge, solid experience and a good dose of intuition will be completely focused on you! A session is over before you know it, and you never thought you could be so fascinated with yourself!
  • Are you looking for someone who knows different corporate cultures? Iris worked for a small company (10 men), a company of 2,000 and a company of 20,000 employees in various HR positions. Over the past 10 years, she has worked as a freelance Coach and then as a Trainer for a wide range of companies. Her knowledge of leadership, communication and collaboration will be of great use to you.Iris is a proud mother of three. She knows better than anyone what it’s like to combine children and work flexibly and successfully.

Iris Heijlen

+32 475 97 99 14
Rubenslaan 12
B-3191 Schiplaken

Get in touch with Iris for an introduction free of charge!

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More about Career coach  Harriët

locaties: Sterrebeek en 2 locaties in Brussel

Harriet Andriessen

  • Harriët enjoys helping her clients to discover their talents and strengthen their self-confidence. To discover an open horizon, full of possibilities and to do what is necessary to get there,
  • She is known for her coaching sessions that strengthen your self-confidence. Her enthusiasm for your possibilities is infectious. Harriët has a quick insight into situations and a lot of empathy,
  • Helping her clients to change their vision, their perspective on a particular situation – a vision in which solutions are possible through actions that are achievable. By taking small steps successfully, you can begin to believe that change is possible and your self-confidence becomes stronger. And you can also laugh.
  • Harriët has developed her expertise in solution-focused coaching throughout her professional life as a lawyer, headhunter (recruitment of managers) and manager of a European network of advisory centres for SMEs. With her Master of Science in Management she can also effectively assist clients who want to start their own business.

Harriët Andriessen

+32 475 93 76 51
Rue de l’Hospice Communal 1
B-1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Get in touch with Harriët for an introduction free of charge!

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Blueberry Hill bird Do I need to change jobs for career coaching? 

No, when taking stock at the end of your trajectory, it may well be that you still stay with the same employer.  You can, for example, carefully test a job in a secondary occupation or, via internal mobility, reach a different position.  Whether you take a completely different path or look at other positions at your current employer, the fact is that together you can arrive at better insights faster and in a pleasant way.  Finally, career guidance provides a better insight into yourself and your situation in the first instance!


Blueberry Hill bird Why would I do this?

You’re at the wheel of your career.  This means that you take matters into your own hands and do not make yourself dependent on a boss or an internal process.  Moreover, it gives you just that little push in the back that you need.  Why not seize the opportunity to work on your job in an efficient and positive way?

After all, you want to make decisions, make well-considered and well-considered choices.  In addition, you want to have tools to shape your career now and in the future.  Then you know better what you stand for and you get insights that will continue to be useful to you in the years to come.  It is really worth taking the time to fully focus on your career question.  After all, you spend 90000 hours of your life at work!  No reason to stay unhappy in your job!



Blueberry Hill bird Why would you start Career coaching with  Blueberry Hill?

We said it before: BlueBerry Hill is a tough team with a heart and soul for a personal approach,

  1. No mainstream with fixed processes like in a chicken battery.  Every project is different, because everyone is different. We don’t believe in standard processes and “Einheitswurst”.
  2. We really care. No empty slogans here.  We stand for authenticity, two feet on the ground and quality with a touch of originality.  Sometimes people come back after their career path. The nature of our conversations stimulates enthusiasm and belief in your own abilities,
  3. We are all firmly convinced that… we move forward by focusing on what we are good at and on a solution-focused approach
    – our tools and methods must be wel
    – founded and scientifically based
    – our values as a coach, authenticity, sincere interest in you, passion for our profession, benefit you.
  4. A competent coach remains alert about his or her role and, based on his or her extensive experience, is sufficiently competent and flexible to supervise the process in a way that is truly tailored to the customer’s needs. Only competent coaches (i.e. coaches who have had thorough coaching training and have extensive practical experience) who can have confidence in the process and this approach are admitted to our career centre as employees.

The best way to experience it: get to know one of our career coaches for free and without obligation.

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Blueberry Hill bird Help! How do I choose my Career Coach?

You want to know who can help you best.  The introduction takes on average half an hour and is always free and without obligation.  So you can find out quickly by simply making an appointment.  Read on below if you would like to read our 3 tips based on our experience to select the right career coach.


Blueberry Hill bird What do you pay attention to when you choose a career coach?

The quality of career coaching depends on 3 important criteria

  1. The relationship with the coach
    What do you experience during the introduction?  To what extent do you feel like starting your coaching?  Do you feel heard and understood?  How does the coach work? In short: how do you connect?
  2. The knowledge and experience of the coach
    What positions did your career coach have himself and what does he know about recruitment? What methods and tools does he know? How good is his market knowledge?  Is he certified as a coach?  And how much experience does this coach have in the number of coaching hours/years?  Note: A certification gives an indication but is not a guarantee, it is a good starting point.  A good result is a combination of theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical experience.
  3. Your commitment and motivation during the program
    It is impossible for you to do everything during the sessions themselves.  You therefore have to carry out certain tasks yourself at home.  It is wise to write down immediately after each session what you want to remember and so determine the direction of your next session each time.  After all, this is a unique opportunity that you want to get the most out of. Because you are going to have to do it, the coach supports the process. In short: choose someone who has experience in coaching.  If it is purely theoretical knowledge and there is little practical experience, then you are the laying hen in the practice battery.  Choose someone who has experience with different company cultures and has a broad knowledge of the job market and trends.  Choose someone with whom it clicks.  You have to feel like it.  You are going to do it!




Blueberry Hill bird In concrete terms, how does it work?

With any career question, you can start a trajectory with a career voucher of 4 hours or 8 hours.  We plan the sessions flexibly, at your own pace.  We spread the 4 hours (= 1 career cheque) or 8 hours (= 2 career cheques) according to what works best for you and where we stand at that moment.  This can be in a very short period of time or spread over a number of months.

Our 5-step approach

We structure our approach around the model of Frans Meyers and Marinka Kuijpers on the basis of their 5 career competencies.

  1. Reflection on motives
    What do I want, what drives me, what values do I have, what do I need to be satisfied in my job?
  2. Quality reflection
    Who am I, what can I do? What are my characteristics, skills, competences and qualities?
  3. Job exploration
    What kind of work suits me? Where and how do I find that job?
  4. Career management
    Where do I want to achieve with my career?  What initiatives can I take to shape my job myself?
  5. Networking
    How do I build and maintain my network? How do I optimise my network?




Blueberry Hill bird  Tailor-made

With us, it’s customisation.  We will use the tools you need, depending on your question and your preference.  We work with MBTI, Enneagram, Talents, 360° feedback, Values Game, Competence Cards, … and new methods because we continue to train ourselves.

Each course looks different.

Do you feel like you’re running too fast or flying to high?   Then you want to see where you stand or make an analysis with a step-by-step plan.   Maybe you want to steer your career more in the direction that suits your motives and talents?  After all, it is important to have insight into what gives you energy.  Career guidance is often also useful to work proactively and to avoid getting tired of your job sooner or later.  In any case, you will be in a stronger position if you know where you stand!

It is also very interesting to discover how you can make better use of your talents and ambitions. You can also come to us for very practical and concrete questions such as optimising your CV and better preparing for the selection process.  Or for help with your search and communication strategy to maximise your chances at your ideal workplace.  In short: in our customised career guidance, we start from your question with the appropriate tools and adapt ourselves to your rhythm!

Call or mail for a free introduction. The introduction takes about half an hour and is free of charge and obligation. This way you can experience for yourself whether this is what you are looking for and what you need.

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Blueberry Hill bird  How do you pay for career coaching?

Blueberry Hill - VDAB loopbaancheques

For career coaching, you use the VDAB’s system of “career vouchers”.  The career cheque is a document that is sent to you by e-mail or by post after you have made the transfer of 40 euros.  With your first career cheque, you are entitled to 4 hours of career guidance.  Your second career cheque costs also 40 euros and offers you 3 coaching hours.   This means you can get 7 hours of career guidance for 80,- euro.  Please note that conversation language has to be Dutch following the VDAB rules. If you are not entitled to career cheques, please contact us for more information.

Go to for your request for the career cheques and more information or call the free number +32 800 30 700.  It may take a few weeks before you receive the cheque.



Blueberry Hill bird  Is everyone entitled to the career cheque?

There are three conditions to qualify for these cheques:

  1. You are working as an employee or self-employed person for minimum 7 years.
  2. Your place of residence is within Flanders or the Brussels region.
  3. For the past 6 years, you have not used career guidance at the VDAB.

Contact us for a free introduction and you’ll have a clear idea of what your career path will look like.

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