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We are professional trainers and coaches who mainly think in terms of solutions and possibilities.  We believe that there are many ways to get to Blueberry Hill and that it is important that you take the one that best suits you, your team or your organisational culture.   We like to work out a workshop or training based on an intake in function of the possibilities and objectives.

Blueberry Hill bird We provide the superfood, the BlueBerries! 

Every day we guide people and teams to the Blueberry Hill so that they can enjoy a different perspective there!   To the place where they are most in their power, where they can fully develop themselves and fully enjoy their own possibilities and creativity. Which ultimately benefits everyone: every individual, every team, every organisation and society as a whole.


Blueberry Hill bird Other perspectief on BlueBerry Hill

We work out a tailor-made proposal based on an intake where we gauge the specific needs and the desired result.  A selection from our offer:

  • Leadership from conscious self-knowledge and strengths
  • Communication/Influencing Skills/Conflict management
  • Teambuilding MBTI – Enneagram – Top Talents
  • Stress management, Energy management
  • Coaching, situational and motivating leadership
  • Performance management and feedback conversations
  • Change management and dealing with resistance
  • Sales Boost Program – Awareness and influence – USP


Blueberry Hill bird Solution-oriented work based on strengths

Our basic philosophy, based on our strengths in thinking and working, is concretized in various workshops in function of the goals that are set together.  A strong self-knowledge to look at the other from there, is the basis of all our trainings and workshops.  Our workshops are interactive, energetic, compact and concrete.   They are scientifically substantiated, completely tailored to the goals of your team or organization.

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