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Whether it’s a dispute in your family, family or with your neighbours, at some point it’s taken long enough and it’s time to call in a neutral and external party.  The mediator will make sure that you can find a solution together and that the conflict will be resolved more quickly.  His focus is on facilitating the dialogue between all parties and providing insight into the situation.

A recognised mediator can, for example, draw up a parenting plan and a divorce agreement in court in the event of a divorce.  Difficult and often painful situations are viewed from a different perspective, on the way to a new perspective!

Blueberry Hill bird How does it work?

During mediation, the various parties meet on a voluntary basis to look for solutions.  The mediator will improve and facilitate communication in an independent and impartial manner.  First of all, the mediator will identify the legal and financial aspects of the conflict. The rules of the mediation are clearly defined at the outset.

Then he will try to get the interests of each party clear from the different points of view. With these interests in mind, the parties will work together to find different options for resolving the conflict. We want to get clarity about risks, possibilities and consequences.  He then draws up an agreement, which may be approved by the court.

In addition to our solution-oriented approach, we are also convinced that self-insight and insight into group dynamics contribute positively to a different view of the case.  We have relevant tools based on our experience as trainers and coaches.  These tools can turn a conflict situation into a growth opportunity for all parties involved.


Blueberry Hill bird A solution-oriented approach works best

We are looking for what does work according to the solution focus method and new processes from the sociocracy and collective intelligence.  We want to understand the needs of everyone around the table so that we can help the parties reach a win-win agreement together.  Afterwards, the agreement can be signed by all parties and, if necessary, approved by the court.


Blueberry Hill bird Why is mediation a good idea?

Mediation has many advantages compared to a court case. You take the conflict into your own hands, the whole process is confidential and it goes much faster than in court. Moreover, the cost price is much lower than when all parties get a lawyer. And there is a much greater chance of restoring the relationships that have been damaged.

All our mediators are properly certified and have solid practical experience. Contact us for a free introduction of half an hour.

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