From left to right: Iris – Joachim – Evelien – Xavier – Harriet

Who are we? The Blueberry Hill team

We are a strong team of coaches who are committed to quality and authenticity with a creative touch. Personal service is our top priority.  In addition, we are flexible, energetic, professional and down-to-earth. With the heart in the right place, a sense of humour and purposefulness. With a lot of knowledge, a lot of experience and a lot of drive.

Blueberry Hill bird What characterises us 

First of all, we commit ourselves with heart and soul to your question, whether it concerns coaching, training or mediation. In addition, we are in the world with an open mind.  We also keep a close eye on new trends.  And finally, with more than 15 years of experience, we are firmly established in our field of training & coaching!

In addition, solidity and experience are our trump cards.  Anyone can call themselves a “coach”.  A solid, long-term education with practical experience is an absolute must in our eyes. We are all certified and professional coaches who have high standards of ethics and trust.  Our senior coaches have more than 3000 hours of professional coaching experience.


Blueberry Hill bird What’s in it for you?

We believe that as professionals we can strengthen you in a short period of time to look at yourself, situations and colleagues in a different way. For example, we will shift your focus to the positive intention behind your behaviour and that of the people around you.  Or we can relax your framework and your awareness, so that you can be more creative and free in your job and in your life.  We change your perspective.  On top of the BlueBerry Hill, your job and your life look different, with new possibilities.


Blueberry Hill bird Your goal is our goal, we have a mutual interest to reach it.

We want to bring you to your full potential in a scientifically substantiated, enthusiastic and practical way.  And of course we hope that you will experience the joy that comes with it!  In this way you can go all out for the choices or decisions you want to make!  If we focus together on the strengths of you or your team or organisation, together we will build a positive future.

Get on track! Discover and enjoy another view! 

Blueberry Hill bird Get to know us better…

Iris Heijlen

Iris Heijlen

Iris Heijlen

Career guidance  I  coaching  I  training

in a nutshell

  1. 10 years Freelance Coaching /Training/Consultancy
  2. 15 years Corporate HR experience (Recruitment Manager/Lead HR Business Partner)
  3. Languages: NL, FR, EN, DE
  4. Certified Coach (ICF, PCC)HR Consultant/Trainer (Recruitment, Career Coaching,
  5. Performance, Competency, Change Management)
  6. Certified Enneagram (HPEI), Certified MBTI, Master NLP
  7. Psychotherapeut Solution Focus (Korzybski Institute)
  8. Master translator-interpretor (Universiteit Antwerpen).

Her story

Iris has more than 20 years of relevant experience which she uses during coaching. Above all her solid training and certification base provide a wide skill set.  Most importantly she is an enthusiastic and successful coach & trainer who uses powerful tools from different domains.

At a very early stage she knew what she really wanted. Reading and understanding people completely so she can guide and lead them beyond their obstacles. Nothing in this world is more fantastic and intriguing!

The fascinating world of HR

By working in the fascinating HR world  as an HR manager, she explored different HR domains in both small and large companies. While working in Selection and Recruitment, Training and Development and Business Partnership she was creating a broad view of the business world. In addition, she was able to learn a great deal in daily interactions within companies in a state of flux. Introspection learned her to focus on the things that actually work.

This is how she gathered her knowledge In exciting projects in different areas. As well as the areas of: Organisational Change, Competence Management, Performance Management, Cultural Change and Career Coaching at Belgacom and Proximus. On top of that she also keeps on studying, for example:  (HR-management, Master NLP, Solution Focused Management and Letter Psychotherapy, MBTI, Coaching with NLP, Enneagram).  With final main objective: to explore which efficient new tools and methods can be used to help people achieve their goals.

The start off Green Mountain

Finally, In 2009, she started her own training and coaching company GREEN MOUNTAIN. This gave her the opportunity to work as a Trainer, Coach and HR consultant in various companies with heart and soul. Next to that she is also a silent witness in het private practice. Besides that she is also the mother of three equally enthusiastic and energetic children.  They demonstrate to her every day the infinite potential that is present in each of us.

Xavier Van Oost

Xavier Van Oost

Xavier Van Oost

career guidance I  coaching  I  training

In a nutshell

  1. 15 years Freelance Coaching / Training / Consulting
  2. 15 years Healthcare / Team Management / Communication
  3. Working languages: FR, NL, EN
  4. Professional Certified Coach (ICF – PCC 2009 – 2015)
  5. Professional ADHD Coaching Graduate (ADDCA)
  6. Trainer in Professional Coaching (Coaching de Gestion,
  7. Physical therapy (I.E.P. Parnasse 1986)

His story

Xavier’s ideas are refreshing, clarifying, reassuring, helpful this results in a relaxing, FUN and positive approach.

He works pragmatic, positive and above all boosting! In other words his warm way of welcoming, his authenticity, his humour, his dynamism will make you feel at ease.

Xavier strengthens your self-esteem and self-confidence by transmitting his passion and energy, which leads to action and autonomy in you.

He is  pedagogical competent and he will translate complex situations into logical reasoning. As a result problems will become solution and complex situations become easy to understand .

Harriet Andriessen

Harriet Andriessen

Harriet Andriessen

career guidance I  coaching  I  training  I  mediation

in a nutshell

  1. 15 years freelance coaching/training/consultancy
  2. Working languages : NL, EN, FR, DE
  3. Certified coach (Coaching : Life & Business, Coaching Ways; Expert Coach :BAO Group – Elan Vital Mentoring & Coaching Institute)
  4. Career development workshops; finding a new job
  5. Life Life coaching – Development of business projects – Workshops
  6. Consultant Executive Search
  7. Master in law (Utrecht University) – Lawyer (‘headhunter’)

Her story

Harriët enjoys helping her clients to discover their talents and strengthen their self-confidence. To discover an open horizon, full of opportunities, and to do whatever is necessary to get there,

She is known for her coaching sessions that strengthen your self-confidence. Her enthusiasm for your possibilities is infectious. Harriët has a quick insight into situations, a lot of empathy and helps her clients to change their vision, their perspective on a particular situation – a vision in which solutions are possible through actions that are achievable. By taking small steps successfully, you can begin to believe that change is possible and your self-confidence becomes stronger. And you can also laugh at 😊.

Harriët has developed her expertise in solution-focused coaching throughout her professional life as a lawyer, headhunter (recruitment of managers) and manager of a European network of advisory centres for SMEs. With her Master of Science in Management she can also effectively assist clients who want to start their own business.

Tim WIjnen

Tim Wijnen

TIm Wijnen

career guidance  I  coaching  I  training

in a nutshell

  1. Personal Development Coach “Pono Institute Maui”
  2. Non-violent Communication basis and advanced
  3. Certified Life Coach Pro “Centre Open Mind”
  4. Train the Trainer “Square Consultants”
  5. Certificate of Pedagogical Competence
  6. Bachelor Hotel Management (Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel

Tim his personality in keywords: honest, connected, straight forward and goal oriented 

His story

Tim is always looking for new challenges, this way he never stops learning. It is his strong believe that this is the only way to transform into a better version of himself. By thinking this way he can create in a unorthodox, broad, and innovative way .   

Tim connects himself communicatively in a warm and pleasant way. Together with you, he will come to the essence of your coaching question. By using a his creative and pragmatic way of working results in  a bundle of useful tools and ideas. Instead of good and energetic feeling, you will now have a toolbox to efficiently handle difficult situations.

His Modus Operandus

With the necessary experience and humour Tim will work with you to get clarity in the puzzle of life. By thinking like there is not Box, he can even transform a seemingly hopeless situations into a opportunity. This way he will work with you towards a simple solution and support you towards a result.

Joachim Cuyt

Joachim Cuyt

Joachim Cuyt


  1. More than 10 years of experience in the world of accounting taxation and family businesses.
  2. Recognised accountant – tax consultant BIBF nr 30067067
  3. Advisor family businesses (HUB)
  4. Mediation-oriented work within family businesses (Mediv)Master Class Conflict negotiation for professionals (Agrementor)
  5. Training Recognised mediator in civil and commercial matters (Bmediation)

Joachim started 15 years ago in a large accountancy firm in Antwerp. After 3 years he moved to a smaller accountancy firm where he works with many family businesses. Shortly thereafter, he went on to train as a family business advisor in order to be able to meet the needs of clients more effectively.

The clear need for a backpack full of conflict resolution tools led Joachim to follow the training in mediation within family businesses and in commercial and civil matters. His three main characteristics as a mediator are calming, a strong listening ability and a fresh view on the conflict. Furthermore, Joachim is the father of 2 children, a task in which conflict resolution tools come in very handy.