I was at work at a very stressful time. I thought I was doing a good job, but I began to doubt it. At a certain point I didn’t like it anymore. When I heard the word “work” I started to cry. I wondered how career guidance could help me. I immediately had a “click”, got to know myself better, knew my talents, that appealed to me. I feel stronger now. In the meantime, I am back at work and now feel more armed. It has helped me to be more aware of choices in daily life. I am more aware of that now.

– Ann

During my search for myself in a new position, I was able to discover my reflection thanks to this coaching. Who I really am and what my weaknesses and strengths are. On a professional level as well as on a personal level, I got a lot of tips to work on myself. In this way I was able to build up my self-confidence and dare to apply for a new position. With results. Thanks to these sessions, I can start a new career for which I had a lot of fear of failure. The ‘click’ was immediate and with a good feeling I was able to experience interactive sessions on a personal scale and level. These sessions have made me stronger and feel good in my skin. You can be completely yourself, discover yourself and develop yourself further. The career coaching is highly recommended to make yourself happy in your current or new job. Because it brings out the best in you!

– Emmanuella

I have been really impressed by Iris ability to grasp a new context, business and functional area that quickly. Iris has an exceptional skill to immediately understand the essence of an issue and drive discussions to solutions. What differentiates Iris so far from most other people I have worked with are her absolute commitment to the business and her drive to make a difference, to have an impact. Iris came into our business at a difficult moment in time and succeeded in booking successes no one had really expected that quickly. Not only was my collaboration with Iris productive, efficient and value-adding, it has also been a lot of fun”.

– Roel Lambrichts, Head of Talent Acquisition Europe at Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Iris has offered excellent services and added value as coach at senior management and executive level. Especially her good insights in personal dynamics of individuals and groups and her candid but diplomatic way of working has delivered impressive and sustainable results”.

– Kris Geernaert, HR VP RU North at Alcatel-Lucent