Study choice coaching (15+)

Choosing a study programme is an important choice that can have a significant impact on the young person’s life.  As the saying goes: a good start is half won!  When you coach and train people from the business world, you come into contact with very different cultures and functions.  We have company coaches on board with more than 600 hours of coaching experience in the business world, whether or not in combination with coaching about 300 people with career vouchers.  If you combine this with a good view of the job market and the knowledge of people and potential, this will give your choice of study in a new perspective!

Blueberry Hill bird Help! I don’t know what I want to study!

s a student, you are faced with the great challenge of choosing a course of study.  Of course you want to make a good choice, so choose a direction that really suits you with your interests, motivation and talents.   Maybe you want to consider a number of alternatives or compare options according to your criteria such as job security, options, career opportunities, job market and future trends.

That’s why it’s wise and pleasant to make an inventory of everything in a study coaching: it not only boosts your motivation but also your confidence in yourself.  It gives you insights that will be useful not only in your study path but also in your future career.  Getting to know yourself better is a challenge that will remain for the rest of your life!


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You want to have every opportunity to build a future that suits you.  Together we map out your potential by taking a unique picture of what drives you and what you are good at. Let’s then match your potential with our knowledge and experience of different company cultures, the knowledge of the job market, and the insight into which education suits you best.  After all, we have been a trainer and coach with a lot of passion in our profession for 15 to 20 years!

Through our experience and our approach, we achieve the following objectives:

  • We can evaluate and develop your potential together
  • Your self-confidence is strengthened
  • It becomes clearer in which direction(s) you can be successful and which options are open to you.

Our study choice coaches are well certified and have solid practical experience. Contact us here for a free introduction of half an hour.

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