Job coaching

At Blueberry Hill we offer a wide range of job coaching for professionals, managers, executives, job seekers, start-ups and freelancers. We coach specifically and solution-focused based on your motives, talents, values and skills so that you get a clear view of your possibilities.  Change your perspective, get energy and a fresh look at your situation!

Blueberry Hill bird Professionals, managers and executives

From question marks to answers

As a professional and manager you get a lot on your plate.  Sometimes it’s time to take stock or to deal with certain situations that cost you too much energy. Maybe you would like to list a number of possibilities to make a certain decision.  Or maybe your fun and energy is very low and you need an independent, reliable professional sounding board.  Time for job coaching!

Solution-oriented works best

We won’t be analysing what’s going wrong for too long, but are working towards solutions.  This will give you energy and will enable you to make rapid progress.  Self-confidence is often lacking.  By focusing on strengths, you can see where your strength lies and how you can move forward.

Our approach is particularly suitable for this purpose:

  • To take stock of your possibilities, your motives, talents and skills.
  • Gain insight into your working relationships and learn to deal with conflict situations better.
  • Developing a healthy dose of assertiveness or learning to deliver a difficult message.
  • Turn your goals into a concrete action plan.
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Blueberry Hill bird  Job Seekers

Looking for a job?

Looking for a new job is often quite difficult on your own.  However, if you fly in together, it becomes a lot easier to see how you can start a new chapter.  Your self-confidence gets a boost and you discover new possibilities.  Together, we will use a checklist (with the job criteria that really matter to you) to evaluate which positions suit you and how you can get the best chances to get there.

On the way to a new job landscape

There are several methods we use to help you understand your values, skills and talents in an efficient way.  We look at different corporate cultures and explore different job contexts based on motivation and realism.

We prepare you for the application process and the interviews so that you are so aware of what your unique strength is, that a job interview becomes a completely different experience.  It will be an interesting, exploratory interview rather than a stressful activity.   In short, you will feel supported in your search for work, get insight and practical tips and, above all, a lot more energy! You will change your perspective on your own situation and possibilities!

Our approach is particularly suitable for:

  • To make an assessment of your motives, talents, values and skills.
  • Gain insight into your job opportunities and the job criteria that are important to you.
  • Boost your self-confidence and experience what you stand for.
  • Offer support in determining your application strategy.
  • Support you with your C.V., your motivation letter and in the selection and recruitment process.
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Blueberry Hill bird Start-ups and freelancers

You’d like to launch your own project…

JYou would like to and dream of being your own boss, but you don’t really know what it takes.  Together with you, we will explore whether this idea really suits you.  Is it a feasible option?  Based on your values and convictions, in our job coaching we will work with what makes you warm and what you want to stand for, and above all: what you want to make the difference with.  We look at what you need or what prevents you from taking the next step.

Reviewing the situation

There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice.  Getting these clear and listing them is an important step. We work in a solution-oriented way, that is to say, we will mainly look at what works for you, given the situation. Our focus is on your strengths and motivations and the evaluation of the various possibilities.

Our approach is especially suited to:

  • To make an assessment of your possibilities, motives, values, competencies and talents.
  • Mapping out your “USP” (unique selling proposal = that which makes you unique and different).
  • clarify which options and possibilities are relevant to you with which risks
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