Blueberry Hill bird Conflicts in the workspace

Persistent conflicts in the workplace… Everyone is sometimes confronted with it.  A situation that often leads to loss of time, annoyance, less good atmosphere, communication problems and less good performance.   How do you deal with such a conflict?  If you go to court, this will often lead to an expensive and lengthy process.  Perhaps the option is to use mediation to find a solution, something that will benefit your organisation?

Would you like to know how to deal with conflicts better? We can offer you coaching sessions or workshops for your managers or employees.  Would you like to call upon a recognised mediator? This is also possible at Blueberry Hill! After all, the core of the solution often lies in changing perspective!

Blueberry Hill bird How do we work?

During mediation, the different parties meet voluntarily in order to find their solution.  The mediator will improve and facilitate communication in an independent and impartial manner.  The rules of the mediation are clearly defined at the outset.  During the mediation talks, all parties are allowed to express their points of view one by one. From these points of view, the mediator tries to get the interests of each party into focus. With these interests, the parties will together look for different options for resolving the conflict. An agreement is then drawn up, which may be approved by the court.

In addition to our solution-oriented approach, we are also convinced that self-insight and insight into group dynamics contribute positively to a different view of the case.  We have relevant tools based on our experience as trainers and coaches.  These tools can turn a conflict situation into a growth opportunity both for the employees involved and for the organisation.


Blueberry Hill bird Goal oriented mediation has lots of advantages

Dealing with conflicts through an accredited mediator is often less time-consuming and much cheaper.  Moreover, the solution comes from the conflicting parties themselves.  As a result, the parties involved are more motivated to work towards the set goals.  The solution often fits better into their specific framework.  Of course, all parties, both the mediator and the conflicting parties, have the freedom to step out of the process at any time.

Mediation has an added value when there are conflicting visions between employer and employee, for example as a result of evaluation interviews or reorganisations.  Discussing with an external party can also be useful in specific difficult situations such as bullying at work, illness and reintegration processes, conflicts within a team or between two managers.   It is by sitting down together with the mediator as an external and neutral facilitator that a new light often shines on the situation.  By offering a new perspective, conflicts can give way to positive energy.

Do you have any doubts or questions about whether this approach is suitable for the situation for which you are looking for a solution?  Do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.  We would like to get to know you and discuss the possibilities together.


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