Outplacement guidance on the departure of your employee(s) contributes to a positive company image and aims to get the employee(s) involved back on track as soon as possible. Discover here what typifies and differentiates our company.  Our powerful, tailor-made solution-oriented approach provides energy because we start from the employee’s potential.  We often hear from people in these kinds of projects that the insights are so valuable that they are taken further in their careers.  Offering a different perspective at pivotal moments, that’s for sure!

Blueberry Hill bird On the way to a fresh start

As an employer, you can take on a positive role in the departure of your employee(s), sometimes this is an obligation, sometimes this is a free choice.  This contributes to a positive company image and is appreciated by various parties such as colleagues and social partners.  The aim is in any case to get the employee(s) concerned back on track as soon as possible through professional guidance.  For our part, we support his search for a new beginning on a mental, physical and emotional level.


Blueberry Hill bird Our approach is Strengths Based and provides energy!

We think and work on the basis of the employee’s strengths, which gives a boost to his or her sense of purpose and motivation. Our experience of more than 15 years teaches us that there are different phases in outplacement coaching:

  1. Dealing with emotions such as disappointment, fear and doubt, anger, worries:
  2. defining a strategy: analysis of the job market, approach, communication plan
  3. “Potential Passport” or Total Balance (according to our unique Strengths Based method) of motives, talents, competencies, values
  4. Preparation for the recruitment process, interviews, role plays, copywriting CV, motivation letter and Linkedin
  5. Interest of networking with action plan
  6. Stimulating or supporting assertiveness, negotiation phase and the decision making process


Blueberry Hill bird What typifies us

  1. A powerful, clear approach, “two feet on the ground”, efficient and goal-oriented, that really motivates
  2.  Sincere interest in the person and open attitude
  3.  languages (Dutch, French, German and English)
  4. Flexibility and attention to a location that is convenient for the employee involved
  5. Outplacement is custom work, no single process is the same because we start from the needs and potential of the employee.
  6. Authentic guidance based on sound knowledge and experience in the field of job market, coaching and recruitment processes.
  7. Experience with different target groups (directors, managers, early retirement,
    45+ individuals, non-native speakers)
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