Team coaching

With Blueberry HIll team coaching you can turn a group of people into a real team by working with what’s going on and where you want to go.  Team coaching has many positive effects and can be tackled in different ways.  Read more about our approach.

Blueberry Hill bird Transition from a group of people to a natural synergy

What mutual dynamics are there in the team?   Where are our strengths as individuals and as a team and how can we make better use of them in relation to the goals of our team and our organisation? Mapping out these questions clarifies the current situation and opens the way to a closer team.  Different themes can be addressed, such as cooperation and complementarity, clarity of roles and objectives, communication, providing feedback.


Blueberry Hill bird Our approach

From a broad toolkit and a lot of practical experience, we look at the specific needs and objectives of the team in a flexible way.  We can use various tools, such as MBTI, Enneagram, NLP, GROW… as long as we work in a positive, solution-focused way towards the result we want to achieve together.   Our team coaches are certified and have managed their own teams as managers.  We also like new methods from the sociocracy and collective intelligence. 


Blueberry Hill bird Responsibility in perspective 

When you see how each team member contributes to the big puzzle and can have an impact on his or her way, it stimulates a more conscious relationship with each other.  A team grows as each individual grows.  Our approach is solution-oriented, i.e. we focus on what works and work together towards specific goals in order to bring everyone to their full potential.  Intervision and other learning moments contribute to sustainable change in the team.

Team coaching results in:

  • raising awareness of your personal role
  • stimulate responsibility
  • focus on individual and team strengths
  • awareness and improving communication
  • increase team performance.
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