Fit for Purpose… How fit am I?

Fit for purpose.. How fit am I?Alea iacta est

Fit for Purpose…  The negotiations at Proximus are almost complete. It is certain that around 500 employees, aged almost 60, will be able to leave with reasonably high pay. However, this does not apply to every over-58s, because bottleneck professions such as welders and navvies are not given this option.

In addition, there is a voluntary departure plan for approximately 1,300 employees.  Those who decide to leave will receive a nice bonus depending on their seniority. In this way, the number of redundancies is limited.

How fit am I?

The name of the Proximus reorganization program stands for renewal, refreshment and also downsizing.   New tools, different competences, automation… A rejuvenation cure to get out of it fresher.  But how does it feel for the individual?  Let’s take a look at the current situation at Proximus.  An organisation that is close to my heart because I worked there for 10 years and so many loyal people from that time are still working here….

From choice stress to well-considered decisions

I have noticed that some of the Proximus people I meet suffer from “choice stress”.  What should I do, leave or stay voluntarily?  As just explained, some employees do not have a choice, to stay or to go.  “What options do I have, what suits me best at this moment in my life?”  “How is (working) life outside the world of Proximus?”  “How can I make informed choices?”  “Choices that I am happy with afterwards, because I have made of this situation an opportunity in the end?”

What’s in it for me?

In short, the time has come to find an external and independent expert who can hold up a mirror to you and guide you through this process.  How fit are you?  What is on your program?  Where do you want to go with your work and your life? What do you want to make a priority of?  Whether you stay or leave, there will be changes for both parties.  Because those who continue to do so will have to organise themselves differently and achieve their goals with fewer colleagues.  By consciously dealing with these questions, you keep a better grip on the situation.

Uncertainty or opportunity?

In fact, this is an ideal opportunity to map out your motives and strengths.  Which drives and talents help and stimulate you to go along with this change process? Identifying, discussing and becoming more aware of these elements will boost your self-confidence and involvement.  This is what you need when the uncertainty around you increases.  Feel the urge to focus on your strength.   Then, from there, you can see where it is most effective today.

Creativity and solidarity

With the end of the year in sight, I have a wish for my ex-colleagues.  Let this phase be a time of growing awareness and solidarity.  A time when new ways of thinking and working find each other.  In which creative solutions emerge.  Not a time of undermining uncertainty in which mistrust grows. Take your fate into your own hands, find an experienced career coach and prepare yourself for the changes that will be on your path in 2020!


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