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Blueberry Hill bird Career Guidance 

Not satisfied with your job?

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Or you’re just curious about what else you could do.  You don’t feel good about your job anymore or you know that you have more to offer and you’re a bit stuck at the moment.  You want to know more about your options and potential. You can work quickly and efficiently with these kinds of career questions together with an experienced BlueBerry Hill coach. We look at who you are, what you want, what you can do.  Together it becomes much easier to make a decision and to put your choices into practice. Check quickly whether you are eligible for the career cheques and how they work.

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Blueberry Hill bird Job coaching

Need a little push in the back?

You cannot use the career vouchers, but you do need professional guidance in your work context. Time for a large portion of BlueBerries! Take a look at which target group you belong.

  • Professionals, managers and managers
  • Job Seekers
  • Start-ups and freelancers
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Blueberry Hill bird Life coaching

Change doubts to questions and solutions

Life-coaching is aimed at everyone and the questions are very diverse. The difference with therapy is that coaching focuses more on the future than the past and works faster towards actions, the total process will be short and powerful. In addition to you as an individual, you can also come to us with questions about your relationship, your family, your role as a parent and for the guidance of your children.

  • Couples and (newly formed) families
  • Parents, teachers and educators
  • Children (6y-12y) and teenagers (12y-18y)
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Blueberry Hill bird Coaching ADHD – HSP

Learn how to better understand your unique brain.

With our solution-oriented, positive approach, we work in three steps with you and your environment to get closer to your goal.

  • Increasing self-awareness: feeling better, experiencing and understanding what is going on in your brain
  • Achieving personal goals by developing competencies linked to your strengths
  • Improving personal relationships, quality of life and a more pleasant life with yourself and your environment
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Blueberry Hill bird Study choice coaching (15+)

I don’t know what I want to study!

As a student you are faced with the great challenge of choosing a course of study.  Of course you want to make a good choice, so choose a discipline that really suits you with your interests, motivation and talents.   You may want to consider a number of alternatives or compare options according to your criteria such as job security, options, career opportunities, job market and future trends.  It’s wise and pleasant to get things straight: it not only boosts your motivation but also your confidence in yourself.

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Blueberry Hill bird Mediation

Help! We can’t figure a way out…

Whether it’s a dispute in your family or with your neighbours, at some point it has taken long enough and it’s time to get an external party to help you find a solution together. We facilitate the dialogue between all parties and provide insight into the situation.

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